Care Support Specialists Team!

Mike, Robert, Dustin, and Sam

Your WondfoCare Finecare Vet Support Team

We are your Finecare Vet System Specialists. Ready to Service You! 

Who are We!

We are Medical Equipment Engineer Specialist with over 50 years of combined experience on high end medical systems. We are your go to support for everything about your FineCare Vet System! We are here to serve you! We support every aspect of the Wondfo FineCare Vet System. Including the list of support items shown below.

Test Kit Assurance

  • Finecare Vet Progesterone Test Kit Assurance
    Every newly shipped lot of Progesterone test kits is tested at a US owned and operated lab based in the USA using Clinical Reference systems like the immulite 1000 and Mini Vidas blue for all testing! 
  • The Finecare Vet is correlated to 3 major systems
    Correlation studies are run using three of the most popular progesterone testing systems. Including the immulite 1000, Immulite 2000, and Mini Vidas!
  • Precision testing is done on every lot of P4 Test kits
    Every shipment of every lot of Finecare Progesterone test kits is tested by a third party US based lab for lot to lot accuracy and precision.
  • Searchable Knowledge base
    We offer our customers an ever growing Searchable Knowledge base, and super easy, ever growing Frequently Asked Questions pages! 

Training & Support

  • Detailed training videos that cover everything 
    Even if you have never ran any kind of Progesterone testing before don't worry we have you covered with high quality videos and ongoing support!
  • Training Videos include the following!
    How to run a sample, how to prepare a sample, how use the simple & powerful finecare software & more!
  • Phone support
    When you need to talk to an Finecare vet specialist we have a free number for you to schedule a call! 
  • Email support
    Support services for our finecare customers is world class. 
  • Chat support
    Chat help is also available when you need it!

Wondfo Care

The Wondfo Finecare Vet system is the only system that provides you with all the support you will ever need! 

Customer Service Video Training Center!

Purchased your new Finecare Vet! We have all the training support you will need right here!

All Finecare Vet Progesterone Test Kit Lots are now tested for accuracy on the Mini Vidas Blue and the Immulite 1000 to ensure your results! Remember to Register here to gain access to technical support.

Looking for a Canine Progesterone System?

We have the World famous Wondfo Finecare Vet Ready for your own in-house testing!

“Canine Progesterone results in just 15 min! Easy to use, Low cost pre Test!”

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